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Yeah! I found my John Willcox!

So, today was a success story! My sister and I went to the Family History Library in Salt Lake ... it's what I wanted to do for my birthday - ride down on the Frontrunner, spend a couple of hours at the FHL,and go out to eat. We didn't get the eating part done, and I didn't find what I was looking for until Karen had to leave, but here's the story.

I have been looking for a primary source of John Willcox's death date for several months, since a kind soul took pics of the Ivy Mills homestead and cemetery for me, although it proved that "John Willcox, Middletown hatter" wasn't buried there like someone else's research had suggested. Anyway, I couldn't find John's death mentioned anywhere, other than in Joseph Willcox's history.

On the train trip down to SL, the thought occurred to me that maybe he was buried in a family plot that later had to be moved or something.  How would I ever track him down?

The story continues.... I had printed information from the Family Search Catalog about cemetery records in Middletown, and after 3-4 hours of looking through microfilms (and learning to use the film reader), I decided to research this lead.  I loaded the film and went through the first two collections. Nothing about a John Willcox. Maybe I was just going to have to quit.

Then I noticed a name that looked familiar ... "Cassin," so I continued looking, and reading through the source... As I got close to the W's in the index, I started to feel hopeful. Would he possibly be here, in this little ledger that I found quite by "accident" while looking at another source?

And he was.  I am so excited. I have many mysteries yet to solve, but John's death date has now been verified with another source.

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