A place to gather and share information about the Thomas Willcox and Elizabeth Cole Willcox Family of Ivy Mills, PA. For more information see the Home page link above or contact Deniane Kartchner at Denianek@gmail.com. My husband is a descendant of Thomas and Elizabeth's son James who married Prudence Doyle. Their son John's daughter Prudence married John Christopher Kartchner.

Note: This is a work in progress! I am trying to verify everything before I post, but feel free to send me corrections and/or suggestions. It’s also not a complete history of Ivy Mills or a website for current operations, although I will gladly try to answer any questions and/or lead you to the right information.

I'm currently working on tracing this family back to England through this link:



This blog is about the Thomas Willcox family. I wanted to compile the information I have found on the Internet into one place so that I could refer to it and also get feedback and additional information from other relatives. My husband is descended through Thomas and Elizabeth's son James, who married Prudence Doyle.

1 Thomas Willcox 1689 - 1779
. +Elizabeth Cole 1691 - 1780
..2 James Willcox 1731/32 - 1769
... +Prudence Doyle 1732 - 1801
...3 John Willcox 1754/1756 - 1818
.... +Sarah Walton 1758 - 1830
....4 Prudence Willcox 1787 - 1872
...... +Christopher Johann (John) Kartchner 1788 - 1826
.....5 William Decatur Kartchner 1820 - 1892
....... +Elizabeth Gale 1845 -
......6 Byrtle Kartchner 1873-1949
........ +Emma Cecelia McCleve 1884-1950
.......7 Vernon Kartchner
.......... +Lillie Opal Teeter 1906-1984
..........8 Ronald Kartchner+Karen Cluff
...........9 Lorin Kartchner+Deniane Gutke

If anyone has information to share, please make comments! I am especially looking for more information about James and Prudence and their son John who married Sarah Walton.
For awhile I'll probably just be cutting and pasting and randomly posting, and then I'll start to make some sense of the information. :)

Deniane Kartchner


  1. Mr. Wilcox is also my ancestor...I visited the paper mill a few years ago for my fifth grade research report. It was really cool!

  2. I just joined the web site and added comments explaining my connection to Thomas Wilcox. I like the way you displayed your connection and will show my links through the generations on another day. Looks like our 5th great grandfathers were brothers, both sons of Thomas. I have found a lot of information on the Wilcox family but nothing like what you have put together. It is impressive. I look forward to learning more.

  3. I attended an art exhibit in the barn behind the Wilcox house. I was told by one of the artists that you plan to have exhibits on a regular basis. How can I get a schedule and can I submit my artwork for review? Thank you

  4. I apologize for not replying to these comments earlier. I was posting like crazy for awhile as I found things, but the past year I haven't updated the blog much and unfortunately, I didn't notice them until now. Dot, if you have information that I do not have posted here I would be happy to include it. My email is Denianek@gmail.com. John, I apologize but I live in Utah and do not know anything about the current happenings at Ivy Mills, although I wish I did. (And obviously my comment today didn't help you back in October. Sorry!) Here's to an updated blog in 2014!

  5. My name is Clara Willcox Harper Robertson. I live in Williamsburg, VA. Thomas Willcox was my 5th great grandfather. My line includes: John Willcox (1728-1793); George "Big George" Willcox (1784-1857); Capt George William Willcox (1835-1913); George William Willcox (1882-1944); Clara Chase Willcox Harper (1916-2002). I am very interested in a tour of Ivy Mills. Could you please let me know how to find out when the tours are available? Thanks so much.