A place to gather and share information about the Thomas Willcox and Elizabeth Cole Willcox Family of Ivy Mills, PA. For more information see the Home page link above or contact Deniane Kartchner at Denianek@gmail.com. My husband is a descendant of Thomas and Elizabeth's son James who married Prudence Doyle. Their son John's daughter Prudence married John Christopher Kartchner.

Note: This is a work in progress! I am trying to verify everything before I post, but feel free to send me corrections and/or suggestions. It’s also not a complete history of Ivy Mills or a website for current operations, although I will gladly try to answer any questions and/or lead you to the right information.

I'm currently working on tracing this family back to England through this link:


I'm missing something. THINK!!!

The Willcoxes were an influential family. Thomas' children and grandchildren married into other influential families. (I'm going to outline all the connections in a future post.) Bottom line is, you would think that as I am researching James and Prudence's son John, his wife's family would pop out somewhere in the thick of things like everyone else's. I think I need to try going back to the Byberry Waltons to see if there is a William and a Sarah somewhere.

Second frustration is... where was James Willcox (who married Prudence Doyle) buried? His father Thomas was still alive at James's death...Would the family not offer to bury him in the family plot at Ivy Mills? Mark helped with the estate, probably funeral arrangements. Where would they bury him?

Maybe I need to look where the Doyle family is buried? Maybe Thomas Doyle stepped in and helped his daughter, and James is buried in a Doyle family plot.

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