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I'm currently working on tracing this family back to England through this link:


Thomas Wilcox and Powderham Parish

Today I got into some great research online. I don't know if the info I found will lead us anywhere, but.... could it be possible that our Thomas Willcox ties somehow to Thomas Wilcox/Willcox, minister at the Powderham Parish near the town of Exeter, England in the 1600’s? The reason I think there could be some connection is due to the names of his children (William, Elizabeth, Margaret, John...as opposed to Roger, Hannah, of other families in the area), and the proximity to Exeter, the birthplace spoken of by Joseph Willcox in his Willcox family history. Without linking it to our family just yet (I haven't actually found a link to Thomas Willcox b. 1689), I am at least posting a link to this family that I found and linked together on Family Search, along with the sources of the Parish records. Even if this is not our family, I hope someone is pleased with the information!


Powderham Parish Docs
Also, here is a summary about Powderham Parish from a book called "Ecclesiastical Antiquities in Devon: Being Observations on Several Churches in Devonshire, with Some Memoranda for the History of Cornwall" Volume 1 by George Oliver (W.C. Featherstone, New London Inn Square, 1840).

From pp 29-30:

Thomas Wilcox
Thomas Wilcox succeeded Thomas Collins on 2 February, 1628. "Whilst he was rector he had to witness the profanation of his Church. We read p. 159 of Anglia Rediviva, or England's Recovery, (London 1647,) that Powderham Church was taken possession of by a party of the rebels, 14 Dec. 1645, and was vigorously defended by them. Powderham Castle surrendered to Col. Hammond, the Parliamentary commander, 25 Jan. 1646-57.

Francis Wilcox
Francis Wilcox followed on 20 May, 1664 and resigned 10 June, 1672.

The last name listed is Daniel Nantes, M.A. instituted 26 August 1825.

Our Thomas Willcox was born (or christened?) 12 May 1689, so there is one generation missing that might link us to him. I feel like the name of the father would be John, and there is a John listed.

Possible Related Wills and Administration Docs
There is information for some wills and administration docs here, (Calendars of Wills and Administrations Relating to the Counties of .... Volume 1, District Probate Registry) but I have to figure out how to get to it. Of interest to me are:

1622 - Wilcox, Edward, Exeter (Will)
1664 - Wilcox, Thos. clk., Powderham (Will)
1707 - Wilcox, William, Exeter (Administration)
1717 - Wilcox, Mary, Exeter (Will)

More about Francis Wilcox:
The Church of All Saints, East Budleigh
"Francis. Wilcox. His appointment by the Parliamentary Visitors, probably soon followed the ejectment of Chapman (Stephen). The earliest notice we possess of him in connection with the parish bears date Oct. 18, 1655, "Francis Wilcox of Budley" being one of the ministers present at the meeting of the Exeter Assembly on that day, and who signed the resolutions arrived at on that occasion. The next is contained in the "Augmentation of Livings" MSS. (993,l p. 116), in the Lambeth Palace Library, showing that he was the "Minister of East Budley" in December, 1656, and that the Privy Council directed him to be paid L40 yearly "to and for increase of his maintenance." According to Foster's Alum. Oxon., he was admitted to Emmanuel College, Cambridge, Nov. 15, 1645 (but the present master of that College, Rev. Dr. Phear, kindly informs the writer that the first entry in the College books runs thus: "1645, Aug. 15, Wilocx, Francis S [izar]"); "fellow of Jesus College by the parliamentary visitors in 1648; B.A. from St. John's College, 1 May 1649." He must have conformed at the Restoration, as in a document in the Bishop's Registry Office his name is entered as Vicar in 1662. He resigned in 1664 for the Rectory of Powderham (in succession to Thomas Wilcox), to which he was instituted on May 20 of that year, and left it in 1672. His subsequent history is unknown."

Report & Transactions, Volume 26, p. 259.

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  1. Thomas Willcox is my 6th Great Grandfather and I have also been working hard to find the family connection to England. I'm new to blogging so I'm not sure when you wrote the above. Has there been any progress in finding Thomas Willcox's father?