A place to gather and share information about the Thomas Willcox and Elizabeth Cole Willcox Family of Ivy Mills, PA. For more information see the Home page link above or contact Deniane Kartchner at Denianek@gmail.com. My husband is a descendant of Thomas and Elizabeth's son James who married Prudence Doyle. Their son John's daughter Prudence married John Christopher Kartchner.

Note: This is a work in progress! I am trying to verify everything before I post, but feel free to send me corrections and/or suggestions. It’s also not a complete history of Ivy Mills or a website for current operations, although I will gladly try to answer any questions and/or lead you to the right information.

I'm currently working on tracing this family back to England through this link:


James Willcox Paper Mill Timeline

The following is a timeline compiled from documents regarding the paper mill/cotton factory located on Ridley Creek Rd and Park Ave, Media, PA (NE corner; Ridley Creek)

1764 - Property purchased on Ridley Creek by James Willcox
1766 - Paper mill built by James Willcox
1769 - James Willcox dies, property passes to sons and brother Mark
1785 - Property sold to John Lungren on April 20, 1785
1795 - Property conveyed to William Levis of Philadelphia
1799 - John Levis (son of William) has control of the paper mill
1818 - Paper mill changed to cotton factory and rented to Wagstaff & Englehorn
1823 - Firm of Wagstaff & Englehorn dissolved, Hugh Wagstaff running factory
1825 - Factory and 26 acres of land sold to James Ronaldson (mill in charge of James Siddall)
1829 - Mill property sold to John Bancroft (who had been in charge of the factory since 1827)
1842 - Property sold to William T. Crook of NY who conducted factory until 1857
1857 - Property sold to Samuel Bancroft, who operated mill until 1872
1872 - Mill destroyed by fire on October 9, 1872

Biographical and historical cyclopedia of Delaware County, Pennsylvania by Samuel T. Wiley
"The Upper Bank or Manchester cotton factory was originally a paper mill, and built in 1766 by James Wilcox."

Upper Providence Township by Ashmead
"In the year 1764, James Wilcox was assessed in Upper Providence township on a dwelling and fifty acres of land. This real estate was located on Ridley Creek, where are now the ruins of the Manchester Mill. In 1766, James Wilcox was assessed, in addition to the foregoing property, on a papermill." NOTE: This source lists Mark Wilcox as James' son, which is not correct. He was his brother. 

Map of Property when it was Manchester Mills:

From Hexamer General Surveys. Click on map to go to website. 

More info and additional copy of map:
This map clarifies the address."Mill situated on Ridley Creek, half a mile from Media Station, West Chester R.R."

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