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I'm currently working on tracing this family back to England through this link:


Sarah Wilcox info

Sarah Wilcox in the following two entries:

1880 Census: Lists Sarah Wilcox, age 75, as a boarder with  Emma, John and Harry La Tour in Philadelphia.
Death Certificate lists Sarah Wilcox as 86 years (1892), a widow, born in Del. Co. Pa.   There is no online listing for "Roxborough" as her burial place, at least at the current time.

These two documents seem to fit together as the same person. I am thinking this is Sarah Ellis Willcox, wife of John H. Willcox. The Ellis family was from Haverford, Montomery County. I need to match the dates and see if she lived this long and outlived "John H." I still don't know what the H is for. 


  1. JOSEPH LONGE of Dorchester, Massachusetts

    JOSEPH LONG [LONGE], son of Joseph Longe, gent. Of Broad Magna, Dorset (Dorchester), England, who early settled in Dorchester, New England (Mass.). Record of his arrival has not been found, but he may well have been one of the original settlers who arrived in June 1630 on the "Mary and John" with Winthrop's fleet, coming from Dorchester, England, where his father was a member of the Dorchester Company. His wife was Mary, daughter of William Lane, who was in Dorchester, Mass, as early as 1636. She married secondly, Joseph Farnsworth, and thirdly, Joseph Wilcox Jr. Her will, dated 3 April 1671, is on file at Hartford, Conn.

    Joseph and brothers Giles, Jasper, and William, and sisters Elisabeth and Anne, all dead in 1655, except William Longe, gent., a younger half-brother, then living in Dorchester, England. Joseph returned to England for the settlement of his father's estate, and was last heard of from London prior to 22 May 1651, on which date the court in Massachusetts Bay Colony, believing him dead, gave his wife liberty to remarry.

    The father, Joseph Longe, of Broad Magna, Dorset, appears to be identical with Joseph Longe of Frome Bassett, Dorset, 1606, son of Gyles Longe, innholder of London, Holborn St. Sepulchres Next Newgate, whose will in 1607 names a sister Elizabeth, a brother John, London innholder, kin Gyles and John Longe, London innholder, and children Robert, White Swan Inn, Anne, Richard, White Swan Inn, Joseph, Jacob (or James), and Gyles. Robert Longe, 1590-1663, innholder of Charlestown, Mass., Dunstable and St. Albans, near London, is thought to belong to this family.

    Joseph and Mary (Lane) Long were parents to Joseph (d. 26 Aug. 1676) Dorchester, Mass.; m. 3 Dec 1661 by the Governor to Mary ---), and Thomas (Estate administered 4 Feb 1711/12, Hartford, Conn; m. (1) 1666, Sarah Wilcox, b. 1648; m. (2) Sarah Elmer.) Many Connecticut and Vermont Longs trace back to Thomas, but no descendants from Joseph have been traced beyond his children.

    - New England Families in England, Emmerton & Waters
    - The Register, 9:140,100:220; 100:328;Mass. Archives, 9:16
    - Records of the Colony of Mass. Bay, p. 232
    - Long Family of Dorchester and Conn., by Mary (Wood) Bates, 1931 (MSS at NEGH Soc. Library).

  2. According to the 1981 genealogy of the Willcox family and allied families, the Sarah Wilcox in the death certificate is not the Sarah Ellis Willcox who was married to John Henry Willcox. While John Henry and his wife (my four-times great forebears) both were buried in the Roxborough Baptist Church Cemetery, Sarah died in 1866 at the age of 64 or 65. She also was born in Maryland, according to the best information available to me at this time.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts! I appreciate you taking the time to write. Do you have a record by chance of John Henry and Sarah's burials in the Roxborough Baptist Church Cemetery? And can you tell me more about John Henry? Like, where does the Henry come from? I have so many questions on this line and anything you have would be so helpful. :)